You Can Do This

From April's published books

You Can Do It

The ocean was cold
Waves crashing down
Your can do this
Just keep your ground

The ocean was rough
With its sandy floor
You can do this
No one is keeping score

The ocean was shifting
Broke through the surface with ease
You can do this
The ocean has empathy


Light flashes through trees
While sitting on a park bench
A butterfly floats
By with intentions to give
A love message from spirit

A night of peaceful
Slumber restores the spirit
An undistrubed sleep
Is like being with angels
In a heavenly abode

Darkness and quiet
Lying sttill with slow brething
Vibrations rising
Suddenly out of body
Feel the enrgy of love


Killer whales team up
With perfect harmony and
Magnificent creatures in
Oceans of immensity

Camouflaged against
The vastness of the deep blue
Sea in black and white
Echoing sound waves to find
Their next meal of fish or seal

Stealth pack of sea wolves
Skilled hunters on the top of
The food chain in every sea
Around the world beautiful
Creatures to watch in the wild

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