You are a Shining Star

From April's published books

The Light Within

I don’t want to think right now
I just want to be like a tree
With my roots deep in the ground
My branches reaching toward the light

I want to feel the afternoon breeze
And a gentle spring rain on my fresh new leaves
I want the birds and bees to take advantage of me
Make their nests and hives securely within me

And when you’re tired, my friend, come sit in my shade
Rest your back against my strong trunk and feel my energy

Within the Heart

Expressions of love
Always dear within the heart
Silent like the night


Soft petals of love
Colorful buds of laughter
Scented abundance

Light of the Heart

Reflections of love
Wonderous light of the heart
Shines gloriously


Love is love but more
Compassion is compassion
Hate is hate but less

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