World Water Day

International Observance for Water since 1993

  World Water Day

is an annual United Nations

observance day held on March 22


– Raises awareness to global water crisis
– Highlights the importance of sustainable
management of freshwater resources

“Groundwater, Making the Invisible Visible”

Groundwater is the largest source of freshwater on earth. 
It is often overlooked because it’s stored beneath the surface.

From my blog article: Living in A.W.E. (Part 2)

If we all work together to mindfully keep our water clean, the benefits will be felt exponentially throughout the universe.

To mindfully change the water conditions on earth, each of us is empowered to:

  • Be an advocate for clean water
  • Be grateful for every glass of water
  • Reuse water
  • Pick up dog waste
  • Participate in clean-up efforts
  • Reduce water usage
  • Dispose of hazardous materials correctly
  • Recycle used items
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Don’t use the sink or toilet to dispose non-degradable or toxic products

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