What Is Energy?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nicola Tesla

When thinking in terms of energy, I think of the power of water. Energy flows like the vastness of the Earth’s oceans, seas, bays, and rivers. Water has the power to heal and destroy. Water can be as gentle as a babbling brook or as powerful as a waterfall.

Throughout my life, a strong calling to water has guided me to live on both coasts of the United States and alongside the mighty Mississippi River. 

Water flows on earth like energy flows through and around the human body. In fact, energy is constantly flowing around us, within us and throughout the universe.

Energy, however, is much more than water. It is everything. Everything in the universe is energy. I decided to reach out to a few people close to me on what energy means to them.

Here’s what they told me. . .

  1. Energy is a fundamental entity of nature with the capacity for limitless possibilities.
  2. The word energy succinctly summarized thrives, strives, and drives throughout the entire universe. It is an inherent force that enables one to attempt the completion of functions, duties, and tasks to face the challenges that may occur daily. It is the magical force that gets me out of bed in the morning, breathe the air into my body, and wakes up the neurons in my brain. On a personal basis, energy sets my cerebral compass in the direction of taking on the day.
  3. Energy is the physical manifestation of our Creator’s life force in this dimension, the powerful yet gentle Breath of Life that flows and pulsates through everything in Creation, ever changing in form and function, bringing Divine Light and Beauty to everything it touches, free for the asking, indestructible, never ending and infinitely malleable according to the needs it serves – a mirror of Divine Love in all of its intricate, wondrous manifestations and an unfathomable limitless blessing when used wisely with positive intent.

The examples above clearly show that everyone has their own perception of what energy means or what it is.

As we become aware of our own energy and the energy within and around us, we begin to understand and acknowledge that we are the creators and designers of our lives.

Just as an artist sees a landscape and creates a painting of what their mind interprets, what you or I see and paint, may be completely different.

The mind plays an important role, “Where our thoughts go, our energy flows.” Every thought is a form of energy.

What does “energy” mean to you?

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