We Are All Students of Life

"Learning is an endless process - from the moment of creation to eternity.

We are all students of life."

– April Joy Manger

Learning starts even before we are born. While still in the mother’s womb, the yet unborn child begins learning sounds, and to feel and sense love and other emotions. Many expecting mothers read, sing, and play music for their unborn child. Love becomes a catalyst for their child’s learning.

As we grow, our learning comes not only from classrooms, books, and the internet, but from experiencing things firsthand.

It comes from being curious about the world around us and having an insatiable desire to learn more and understand why things work the way they do. Children are wonderful examples of this.

They are constantly asking “Why?” And after receiving an answer, they ask “Why?” again! They are always learning, not only from their parents and teachers, but from every amazing experience life gives them.

My identical twin granddaughters will soon start their first day of kindergarten. I wonder if they know how excited I am for them as they begin this new journey.

My grandchildren are a blessing to me. I have learned to laugh more, become more patient, and even a better listener. They point things out to me that I might have otherwise missed.

I will never forget the time my grandson asked me if I could hear the train’s horn that was blowing in the distance, or the songbirds singing in a nearby tree, or see the feather dangling from a tree branch — all within the span of a few minutes. Amazing!  This experience taught me to stop, listen, and breathe in the beauty of all that surrounds us at any given moment. It was a significant moment for me and a reminder of the power of now. Children are wonderful teachers.

In every moment of life there are opportunities to learn and grow rich in the knowledge of all there is around us if we will take the time to see and hear them.

Becoming aware of these special moments is like receiving magnificent gifts, each of which will help us grow into the amazing person we are meant to be on our life’s journey, here on Earth and beyond.

If I could grant you one wish, it would be to again see the world around you like a child, experiencing and learning from its many wonders and beauty.

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