Trust in Love and Follow Your Heart

The heart is like a rose.  As the rose blooms it becomes more beautiful.  The heart chakra* opens and closes upon certain conditions.  When we love or feel loved the heart chakra is open.

Imagine a world where everyone can always maintain an open and loving heart. Unfortunately, there are times when the heart chakra closes. This is when we feel hurt or experience something that makes us angry or depressed.

Learning to sense and feel the heart’s energy can help us maintain an open and loving heart.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to change the heart’s energy. The feeling of being grateful is a wonderful way to expand the heart’s energy.

Writing thank you notes, and journaling are loving ways of expressing gratitude especially when it is felt from the heart.

Recalling a loving memory can also expand your heart’s energy.

When we can see beyond the darkness and into the light, the heart will bloom, radiating love to all. Then at that moment, we are fortunate to experience the joy of living.

Trust in love and follow your heart.

*There are 114 chakras throughout and around the body. Chakras are circular energy vortexes located throughout the body. The seven primary chakras are located along the spinal column from the base of the tail bone to the top of the head and are the colors of the rainbow. In the ancient classical Indian language of Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel.”

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