The Path of Meditation (Part 4)

Unable to Relax?

Try this, it will set you free

Are you living a fast-paced life and feel like you are constantly trying to catch up? Are you unable to unplug and relax?

If this sounds like you, then hopefully these insights will guide you to feel as though your are living at a spa-like retreat while regaining a sense of peace and tranquility without going anywhere but right in your own home or garden.

All it takes is learning how to stop, be in the present, and breathe; in other words, learning and adopting the practice of meditation. 

Meditation will guide you to a way of quieting the mind and bringing a greater sense of peace throughout your body. 

After you have read my insights and decide to take up the practice of meditation, look at it as a learning experience. Learning and becoming proficient at anything takes practice, dedication, and consistency.

Start by setting small goals, then expand your goals as you begin feeling more comfortable. 

To begin the practice of meditation, set aside a few minutes every day. Try to do this consistently at the same time each day.

I have found that meditating first thing in the morning and before going to bed works best for me. I use this time to quiet my mind, release any thoughts, and get in touch with my higher self, all while focusing on my breath. I also use this time for praying.

The benefits from this practice have helped me to sleep better and go about my day will peace and calmness. It has also helped me with finding solutions to difficult decisions. 

If time permits, I will meditate during the day, but I never feel forced because that only takes away from the enjoyment, peacefulness, and the end results. The key thing is to get started and not worry whether you are meditating correctly. 

Proper breathing techniques will come with practice. You will begin noticing the benefits as you devote consistent time to your meditation practice. 

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