The Path of Meditation (Part 2)

Meditation Practice to Achieve Your Goals

Through the practice of meditation, there’s a much better chance of achieving your personal goals. The possibilities are limitless when we are open to personal growth and transformation.

If you are interested in taking the path of meditation, I recommend that you set your intentions and start a routine for meditating whether it’s to improve your overall health, develop creativity and intuition, or enhance job or sport performance. I advise you to seek coaching from a professional meditation instructor, take an online course, or read an instructional book.

Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself with a Buddhist monk or a meditation guru. I’m quite sure it took them a fair amount of time to achieve the levels they are at. Going to an ashram (spiritual retreat) in India, a luxury spa or spiritual center isn’t necessary either. You can achieve all the benefits of meditation just as effectively in a quiet place inside your home or outdoors.

There are many forms of meditation. In the western world, mindfulness meditation is the most popular form. Knowing why you want to meditate will guide you to which form of meditation is best suited for you.

It’s a good idea to try them all, then you’ll know which meditation type will take you on the path you need.

Here is a list of general meditation types with brief descriptions:

  • Mindfulness – to be present in each and every thought with awareness of breathing pattern
  • Spiritual – to seek a greater connection with God (the Source) through meditation and prayer; and deeper connection with body and soul
  • Energy – visualize the energy of the earth and/or the Universe flowing through the body; the most popular is the chakra meditation (chakra means turning or wheel)
  • Visual/Focused – to actively direct thoughts to a specific problem; to focus on a single object, sound, mantra or thought and hold focus as long as possible
  • Movement – to focus on breathing patterns while at the same time also performing repetitive flowing movement patterns (such as yoga, running, ironing, cooking, etc.)
  • Mantra – to recite a sound, syllable or song over and over again
  • Sound – to connect and be in the present moment through sound
  • Sensory – being present to a particular sensory experience such as sound, taste, aroma, soft gazing, feeling with your hands

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