The Path Of Love

From April's published books

Photograph by Lee Welch | Poem by April Joy Manger

The Path of Love

Holding on for love
Tight grip on the mother's coat
Young marsupials

Let love be your fuel
For your body, mind, and soul
Life depends on love

Trust the path of love
Take each step with compassion
See where it takes you

Love you cannot see
A love you can only feel
This is divine love

Finding Inner Balance through Poems and Images


A quiet moment
He pauses to breathe deeply
Reflecting on life
Enters the place in his heart
To feel nirvana within


Bonsai tree of peace
Your leaves are perfectly place
For a beautiful
Exhibit of artistry
A masterpiece of passion


Listen to your heart
In the stillness of the night
Sense the breath of God
Against the nakedness of
Your soul, permeating through

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