The Path of Laughter (Part 1)

The Magic of Laughter

What makes you laugh? A funny story or movie? An animal or person acting silly? How about a day at an amusement park?

Whatever it is that makes you laugh, in the moment, something magical happens – you feel better and happier. The cares of the world seem a little lighter.

In a way, laughter is like a fingerprint or DNA because we each have our own. Some people giggle, others snort, and then there are those who laugh out loud boisterously. Our laughs are also shaped by the people around us as we grow up but ultimately, it’s your laugh. 

I asked several of my friends and family members what makes them laugh. What I learned is that people love to laugh at children playing and at the funny antics of cats and dogs. They also like to hear funny jokes, watch sitcoms, comedy movies, and silly commericals.

For more insights on laughter, please read the next four articles. My hope is that you discover how to increase your personal energy and improve your overall health and happiness through the magic of laughter. 

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