The Magic of Summer

Experience the magic of summer and fill your life with love and light.

Inspired by the magic of summer, it is clear to me now that we are all growing – not only physically but emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

As a child, I wondered why in the summer I grew taller, and my hair grew longer. Spending time outdoors in the sun made me feel alive and happy.

Just as seeds planted in the rich soil of the earth are watered, cared for and provided with sunlight, we too, need these life essential gifts.

If we are fortunate to have them, then we can flourish.

Awareness and understanding that the universe is a living and breathing soul, constantly changing and expanding, is life shifting.

When we can relate this philosophy to our own existence, we have reached a higher level of consciousness.

When I find myself in situations good or bad, I simply ask myself, “What is my lesson from this experience?” “How can I grow from this?”

Then I am grateful and thankful for the experience because it has helped me to grow into the person who I am truly meant to be.


Enjoy the magic of summer and plant seeds of love, forgiveness, and happiness.

Wishing you luminous days of love and light during the summer of '22!

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