The Light Within

From April's published books


A cuisine of ants
Bamboo shoots, fruits, and termites
Are delicacies
For these ground-dwelling primates
In tropical Africa

Mindfully hearing
The sounds of the tropical
Forest, the family sits
Together to contemplate
Their existence in the world

Gorillas teach us
To be respectful to our
Planet Earth, poaching
And destruction threaten the
Lives of these awesome creatures

Photograph by Lee Welch | Poem by April Joy Manger

Peace Within

He took to the sky
Closer to God was his aim
Like an eagle's flight

His love speaks to us
In quiet moments of night
Feel His peace within

A bridge that connects
Us to the love needed to
Create peace on Earth

Consciousness of joy
Pathway to enlightenment
Brings us love and peace


Born with the strength of
A raging sea in a storm
Steadfast to the task
Honoring his family
As a mighty warrior


Pausing to feel peace
Moments of tranquility
Absorbing the sky's
Color of the open seas
A chance to see destiny


A hand reaches out
Motioning to do the same
The touch is divine
Sending blissful energy
Throughout the body and mind

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