The Healing Energy of Love – Reiki

Reiki is Love. Love is wholeness, wholeness is balance. Balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.
- Dr. Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926)

One of my dearest friends, Barbara Saito Schibly, introduced me to Reiki. I met Barbara over thirty years ago at the preschool our sons were attending. We became friends immediately. In fact, it was a blessing that we met when we did because shortly afterwards, she was the only person I could turn to for a medical emergency. 

On this particular day, it just so happened that she and I were planning to take our sons to an ice skating performance at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. And, we already had our tickets!

When my doctor told me to get to the hospital immediately, and I couldn’t reach my husband who was on the golf course (this was before everyone had cell phones), I had no other choice but to turn to my new friend. Fortunately, Barbara and her family lived less than a half mile from us. Not only did she take me to the hospital but took my son with hers to the performance while I was in the operating room. Instantly she became my trusted and loyal friend.

As I got to know Barbara, I learned that her mother, Shinobu Saito (1924-2015), was a Reiki Master. I had no idea or knowledge at the time what a Reiki Master was or what they did. Barbara would often tell me, “I’m taking my mother to the airport today.” Her mother was constantly being asked to present at Reiki conferences in Japan and even Europe. I thought to myself, wow, she must be really good at Reiki to be in such demand.

Barbara’s mother was one of the original 22 Reiki Masters initiated in the Western World in the 1970s by Mrs. Hawayo Takata (1900-1980). In case you don’t know who Mrs. Takata was, she was the first American to be trained and initiated in Reiki by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (1880-1940). And, Dr. Hayashi was trained and initiated by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), the founder of Reiki.

Mrs. Takata experienced the healing effects of Reiki first hand at Dr. Hayashi’s Reiki clinic in Japan. She was healed with Reiki and became a strong believer in this nontraditional form of healing.

As dear friends, Barbara and I spent a lot of time together. We were and still are always there for each other during life challenges.

In May 2011, when my spiritual journey accelerated, I made it my mission to learn as much as I could for continued spiritual growth.

Then in 2012, I became interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner and asked Barbara if she would receive the initiation and certification training for first and second degree Reiki with me. She agreed and we together spent a weekend in December 2012 training with Reiki Master, Rev. Jeanine Sande. 

The night before the training started, I had a dream where I was with a Japanese man standing in a kitchen unloading bags of groceries. There was a courtyard between the building we were in and the building across from it. 

As I looked outside from the kitchen, my eyes were guided to a bright glowing light coming from the unit on the top floor of the other building. In my dream, I thought to myself, how strange that this light was so bright yet radiated peace and love.The next morning when Jeanine Sande started the training class, she gave us a brief history of Reiki. She had three photographs on display: Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata. When I saw the photos, I gasped and explained, “The man in of one of the photos was in my dream last night!” I had never seen him before that day. I believe it was Dr. Usui who was in my dream.

After I retired from my job, I wanted to receive the initiation and certification training for Reiki Master. To fulfill this goal and dream, I was fortunate to find Reiki Master, Stephanie Temkin, in the Healing Arts Center in San Francisco. It is an honor to share the spiritual energy of Reiki with others. I feel blessed that I was guided to Reiki and able to help others through the loving energy of Reiki.

Each time I am with a client, I honor Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Mrs. Takata and the original 22 Reiki Masters, especially, Shinobu Saito, my dear friend’s mother. I ask that the spiritual energy of love be channeled through me and flow to where it is needed for my client’s highest good.

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