The Gates Were Open

From April's published books

In Search of the Light

There is light within
Love to see you through
Your darkest moments

A Spiritual life
Offers gifts of love and light
For eternity

Souls are trapped in time
Waiting to be guided home
Greeted by the light

In search of the light
Explore the upward vortex
Only to find love

Shelter Within

The gates were open
For anyone to enter
Upon their good deeds

Boats rest in their slips
Waiting for the fog to lift
Open water bound

Feelings of despair
Puzzling occurrenes
But the truth prevails

Always protected
In the midst of distrubance
Inside is shelter


The warrior waits
For his spirit to be sent
Into renewed life
An immense feeling of love
Overcomes his existence

Golden light appears
Guiding him gracefully towards
The cycle of life
The rebirth of energy
With no beginning or end

Tired from fighting
Each day brings more awareness
Of impending death
"It's time to put down our swords
For a life of harmony"

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