The Garden Path to My Heart – Finding Inner Light Through Poetry

Now available on Amazon!

GPTMH Book 2 front cover 10.14.2020

It’s with much excitement that I announce the publication of my second volume of poems:


The Garden Path to My HeartFinding Inner Light through Poetry

Click here or the above image for the Amazon link to my book


My sincere gratitude to the following people who helped make this book possible:

– Foreword by Lee Durrell

– Book cover design by LOJO Marketing

– Front cover watercolor by Kyla Watford

– Back cover design by Backspace Ink

– Back cover photograph by Suzanne Camac

– Copyediting and interior design by Backspace Ink

– Photographs by Thomas A. Ekkens, Steve Heselton, Mary Pike, and Barbara and Lee Welch

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