The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Light Through Poetry – On sale

The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Light through Poetry is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Here are some highlights:

  • 134 pages of haiku and free style poems with 52 stunning photographs (some by me, others by Thomas A. Ekkens, Steve Heselton, Mary Pike, and Barbara and Lee Welch)
  • An eloquent foreword to the book by Lee Durrell (see excerpt below)
  • On the front cover of the book is a watercolor painted by a young artist, Kyla Watford
  • Interior pages and back cover were designed by Backspace Ink
  • The photograph of me on the back of the book was taken by my friend, Suzanne Camac (see image below)
  • The book is dedicated to my three grandchildren who have an unlimited capacity to love and constantly inspire me to do more

An inspirational quote by Ruth Manger: 

In life, there comes a time when something or someone enters in and creates change that may lead to a path of expansive thoughts of striving towards the goodness of human nature. The end result is the dream that life can be beautiful.

A review of the book by Pete Dawson:

April has mastered the art of poetry, whether it be haiku or free form. She has an amazing ability to not only use words but to feel them, which makes the reader feel them as well. I am in awe of the way she can express her feelings through her poems. It is as though her pen is connected to her heart.

An excerpt from the foreword by Lee Durrell: 

What particularly lifts my heart in these pages is April’s grounding in the natural world. She feels deeply the emotional connection between her self and the existence of other living beings and the beautiful environment in which we are all embedded. 

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