Spirit Animal Connection – Elephant

“Just as our ancestors and indigenous peoples knew, when animals come to you in an unusual way or repeatedly, whether in physical or symbolic form, they are serving as spirit guides attempting to get a message to you."

- Steven Farmer, PhD

We do not need to be animal lovers to have access to the power of spirit animals. When we connect with spirit animals, their power can help us overcome any challenge. 

Animals, whether in the physical or spirit world, are here to help us with our life lessons. The secret is knowing and understanding which spirit animals are here to empower us on our earth walk journey.

In one of my favorite dreams, I watched a herd of elephants march down a river. Dreaming of animals led me to become interested in the meaning of spirit animals in our lives.

One of my most treasured gifts is an elephant brooch with rhinestones. The brooch was given to me when I was four years old by my best friend who lived next door. I have cherished this brooch all my life. Little did I know, at the time, that the elephant was one of my animal spirits.

Throughout my life, I have been drawn towards elephants whether it was artwork, candles, lamps, jewelry, or figurines. I have them all!

The elephant is symbolic for being the remover of obstacles. Its strong and flexible trunk can easily pick up objects. Elephants are known for their power and strength – no wonder I need to hold back when situations become upsetting. I am like a protective mother elephant; I will quickly jump in to defend someone or stand up for what for I believe is right.

The elephant’s trunk is one of its most prominent features and it relies on its sense of smell. If the elephant is one of your spirit animals, your ability to discern situations is most likely heightened. Does something smell odd?

Spirit often reveals itself to me through scents. For example, I smell maple syrup when my father is sending me a message and at times church incense after praying.

The Power of the Elephant

When the essence of the elephant enters our life, we are reminded to renew our sense of connectedness to the divine.

Elephant power gives us the perseverance, determination, and persistence to overcome challenges in our lives.

Helping others is a natural characteristic of elephants; therefore, if the elephant is your totem, you have innate ability to be of service to others.

If you are set on accomplishing a goal in your life, use the strength of the elephant and do not let anything stand in your way.

Elephants show great trust and loyalty among themselves. You can bring the energy of this quality into your life by channeling the spirit of the elephant – accept this blessing with respect and honor.

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