Spirit Animal Connection – Eagle

It wasn’t until animals started appearing in my dreams that I became interested in knowing their meaning. Eventually I discovered spirit animals which are also known as totem or power animals.

On a trip to Sedona, Arizona in 2012, one of my spirit animals, the bald eagle, appeared with the message to soar above and observe.

I was traveling with three girlfriends. We met in Las Vegas and drove to Sedona which is about a four hour drive. After driving for a few of hours we decided to stop for dinner. Along the way I started noticing ice and snow on the sides of the road. As I parked the car, I warned everyone to be careful because the parking lot was covered with ice.

As I walked into the restaurant, I spotted a beautiful painting of a bald eagle soaring in the sky. It captivated me and in my heart I knew that this was a sign.

My friends and I sat down at a booth next to a window. I took the window seat so I could observe how cars were maneuvering the icy sloped road up to the highway.

Channeling the eagle’s power to oversee from above, I sensed that the road ahead would be icy. I didn’t want to alarm my friends so I kept this to myself. Then one of my friends’ father called to say he had checked the weather for the area. He said that it had rained earlier and now the temperature was dropping below 32 degrees which meant the possibility of black ice.

I was concerned but not frightened. I called upon my spirit guides to show us the way and keep us safe. We were on the road about 15-20 minutes when suddenly I felt the back-left tire spin as if it had caught ice. I didn’t flinch, but gradually moved to the right lane and slowed down.

Suddenly we came upon a car which had spun out of control and was upside down. Other cars had already stopped to help. We said a prayer for the safety of the people in the overturned car and continued on our journey to Sedona. I’m so grateful for the message from my spirit animal the bald eagle.

I’ve had countless encounters and messages from spirit animals and, so can you.

The Power of the Eagle

Eagle energy reminds us to soar above the mundane issues of our life.

It teaches us to expand our senses and see beyond the horizon of what is visible.

The eagle flies higher than any other bird in the sky which reminds us to reconnect to the element of air by going to the mountains or seashore where we can breathe pure fresh air.

As we look higher, we become connected to our divine self. When our hearts connect to the light, absorbing the energy of the sun, then we are able to fly like eagles.

Loving ourselves heals our broken wings.

Eagle power gives us strength to detach from what is holding us down so we can take flight into peace, joy and freedom.

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