Spirit Animal Connection – Butterfly and Dragonfly

Who doesn't love seeing butterflies and dragonflies? These angelic looking creatures give us the feeling of being blessed by someone dear to us who has passed away.

There’s a tender sense that our departed loved one is wanting to say, “I’m doing well. It’s beautiful here. I love you and I’m always with you.”

Seeing these beautifully colored creatures with angel wings make us feel blessed especially when they hover next to us or land on our shoulder, arm, or hand.

The butterfly and dragonfly are also considered totem, power, or spirit animals.  

When I experience change in my life, I channel the essence of these magical creatures to bring in the spiritual energy that I need for a smooth transition.

The dragonfly reminds me that “this too, shall pass,” and to have faith and trust that all will work out by staying positive and strong.

Dragonflies and butterflies are symbolic of transformation and personal growth which is representative of the metamorphosis life cycle they go through. If you find yourself in the presence of a dragonfly or butterfly expect change. It might be a good idea to examine your life and determine what you can improve on, and perhaps question certain aspects of your life on the importance, direction, and priority.

Dragonflies and butterflies are also associated with light. Therefore, you might want to consider brightening and lightening up your life with colorful clothes and experiencing more fun and laughter.

It is said that dragonflies can travel between dimensions and are known as dream messengers. If one appears in your dream, it could be an omen of caution. However, if a dragonfly or butterfly lands on you it is said to be a sign of good luck.

When interpreting the essence of spirit animals, we can take their literal characteristics and apply them to human traits. For example, dragonflies are decisive hunters and take stealth action, whereas the butterfly floats gracefully from flower to flower.

Much the same in our own lives, we will have times when we need to act quickly on an opportunity, but on the other hand there will be times when we need to slow down and just go with the flow.

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