Relationship Connections

To create happiness and peace in our relationships, we can all start by loving and caring for ourselves. The rest will take care of itself.

As I contemplated on what relationships mean to me, it occurred to me that my strongest relationship would have to be the one I have with myself.

During my childhood, my family moved on an average of every one-two years. This was because my father was an officer and aviator in the U.S. Navy. At each new location, my siblings and I looked forward to meeting new friends. Making friends was easy – the difficult part was leaving our new friends once again.

Then later in life, when my first marriage ended and I became a single parent, I discovered I was able to be my own best friend. 

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross states in her book, Life Lessons:

 “There’s no such thing as an insignificant or accidental relationship. Every meeting, encounter, or exchange, with everyone from a spouse to an anonymous telephone operator, no matter how brief or profound, how positive, neutral, or painful, is meaningful.  And in the grand scheme of things, every relationship is potentially important, for even the most trivial encounter with a passing stranger can teach us a great deal about ourselves.”

Relationship conections go beyond our spouses, significant others, friends, and family. Relationships include our coworkers, neighbors, doctors, store clerks, auto mechanics, mail couriers, gardeners, etc. It’s about how we treat the people we encounter no matter the relationship. Looking deeper into relationships, I believe we have relationships with more than just people. We have relationships with our pets, food, water, exercise, nature, money, spirituality, religion, etc.

We each play a vital role in our human experience, and we are accountable for our interactions. What if we all decided to take a profound look at our relationships and create a plan to discover opportunities for growth?

Here is my plan to create stronger and more meaningful relationships for continued personal and spiritual growth:

  • Be a better listener
  • Call a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Send a note or card to a family member
  • Do something special for a neighbor or stranger
  • Take a hike and marvel at nature’s beauty
  • Assess my relationship with food
  • Work harder at maintaining a plant-based diet
  • Exercise more 
  • Be grateful to Mother Earth for all her resources
  • Develop a stronger relationship with money
  • Strengthen my spirituality through prayer, meditation, and journaling
  • Strengthen my relationship with our Creator
  • Listen to my heart
  • Feel compassion for all

If we think in terms of the energy and consciousness of love, we can transform any experience from being difficult to inspiring.

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