A Rainbow of Love and Purple Rain

Through this story, a young girl discovers a new and colorful world. Then she decides to make it her mission to mindfully share this beautiful new world with her mother.

Things started to change when I was in kindergarten

I discovered all the colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I realized there was so much more in the world than just purple.

It took a lot of courage, but one day I asked my mother, “Why do we have so much purple in our home and around us?”

An Inner Exploration to Find


Practice living in the present moment. Living in the present brings out your inner joy for life which will radiate to those around you.

Do things in a loving and conscious way that expresses love and compassion to others and ourselves.

The flow of our daily activities will change when we choose to live mindfully.


Any time you challenge yourself to do something new, you are building courage.

Let your heart guide you to a new challenge, then watch as you develop greater strength and courage to pursue your dreams.

Keeping the attitude “I can do it,” can help guide you on a successful path.


Sense the energy of colors. Feel the vibration of the universe which is love.

Let the colors of the rainbow radiate into your soul. Feel the unique vibration of each color.

Connect to your surroundings and feel the colors and the resounding frequency of love.

Inspiring poet and author.

Writing this story was fun because I was writing about things one of my twin granddaughters loves:  purple, horses, and rainbows. All three of my grandchildren inspire me to write. I love exploring their world and finding their creativeness. They are an endless source of creative ideas.