Purple-Lee – Now Available on Amazon

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the publication of my second children’s book: Purple-Lee

One of my six-year-old twin granddaughters loves horses, rainbows, and purple, which inspired me to write this enchanting story. 

It’s about a young girl who lives on a ranch with horses. Her mother is fascinated with purple so much that she named her daughter Purple-Lee.

Purple-Lee discovers a new and colorful world and decides to mindfully carry out a plan to help her mother embrace all the colors of the rainbow. 

My sincere gratitude and appreciation to:

  • Penny Jamrack, for creating the stunning watercolor artwork for the illustrations
  • Joanne Shwed, Backspace Ink, for expert copyediting, interior design, and cover production
  • My granddaughter for inspiring me to write this story
  • My family and friends for their loving support 

Purple-Lee can also be purchase at any bookstore. Just give them the ISBN, 978-1-7343786-5-8, so they can order it for you. 

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Through this story, a young girl discovers a new and colorful world.

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