Poemagery - Finding Inner Balance through Poems and Images - April Joy Manger


Finding Inner Balance through Poems and Images

April discovered the ancient Japanese form of poetry – tanka – and decided to try writing in this unique style.

While composing the tanka poems for this book, April went deep within her soul and found inner balance through prayer and the spiritual energy of love that unites us all as one spirit.

Finding Inner Balance through Poems and Images

A quiet moment
He pauses to breathe deeply
Reflecting on life
Enters the place in his heart
To feel nirvana within


Sitting on the bank
Of a river with a bear
Gathering courage
And strength to overcome life’s
Sufferings with renewed hope


Tranquil music plays
Drifting into the twilight
State of mind for dreams
Emotions surface with tears
Creating inner balance


An Inner Exploration to Find


There is so much for us to discover
about ourselves.

All we need to do is tap into the present moment, take time to breathe slowly, letting your breath flow in and out of your body.

What is your spirit telling you? What is the essence of your soul wanting to create?


Stay grounded to earth.

Sit at the base of a tree with your back against its trunk.

Feel the beautiful energy of nature.

This is love.


Sense the energy of the wind between and around tree branches and leaves.

Let the sun's rays radiate into your soul.

Connect to your surroundings and feel the resounding frequency of love.

Inspiring poet and author.

Many things inspire me. I particularly love being in nature, taking photographs. I also love going to museums to see and feel the energy of original works of art.

As you read the poems in this book and view the images, let the art speak to you and feel the words from within the unspoken words.

Then reflect on the energy of words from the poems.