Personal Energy (Part 4)

If you can say yes to any of the questions below, it may be time for a space clearing and cleansing of your home.

  • Is your closet overflowing?
  • Do you have clutter and piles of paper?
  • Are the corners in your home filled with unwanted items?
  • Are things not going well for you at work or home?
  • Do you need more cash flow?
  • Is your mood a little funky?
  • Are you misplacing items and can’t find things?

Energy needs to flow freely and if blocked it becomes stagnant and negative things can start happening.

An overflowing closet of clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, and other items, most of which are not being used, can block the positive flow of energy.

It doesn’t have to be Springtime to do some cleansing and clearing to initiate and refresh positive loving energy. In fact, we can do Spring cleaning any time of the year. Quarterly cleansing is a good ritual to start.

Once the clutter and excess has been cleared, saging your home and your self is a good practice.


There are a few things to consider before using sage if you haven’t done this before. (If you are sensitive to smoke, there are alternatives such as using gems, crystals and invocations.)

  • White sage stick (can be purchased at a metaphysical/new age store; WholeFoods also sells it)
  • Use a dish to catch any ashes (I use an abalone shell and feather to fan the smoke)
  • Open windows so not to set off smoke detectors or temporarily disable them
  • Pull your hair back so not to ignite your hair
  • Walk in a counterclockwise circle around the room while chanting (there are many chants but feel free to create your own)
  • Discard the sage stick in a glass jar of sand

After cleansing our homes, we can keep the love and light vibrating by using the following examples:

  • Natural sunlight
  • Incense
  • Fresh flowers
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Tibetan bells or cymbals
  • Crystals and gems
  • Himalayan salt lamps

It is good practice to have only what we need and no more — “Less (stuff) is More (energy).” Homes, garages, and yards filled with unused items block our ability to have free flowing energy.

It’s not necessary to be obsessive about it; however, being mindful of our environment can increase our energy for manifesting magical events to transpire in our lives. We don’t have to tackle the entire house in a day either. Take one step at a time by starting with one room, closet, or drawer.

To find additional information and guidance on creating positive energy in your environment (home, work, car and more), I recommend browsing the internet for books and websites.

Follow your heart and intuition. You will know if it resonates with you.

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