Paths to ATHENA (Part 2)

Knowledge comes from learning and wisdom comes from living. Living by ATHENA can help us gain the knowledge and wisdom to live our lives at the highest frequency.

When things get tough, quiet the mind, breathe slowly and listen to your heart.

Following the paths to ATHENA can lead you to an abundance of love and happiness.

Path of Love

The path of love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Love is the greatest experience in life. Giving and receiving love is truly a gift. When we feel hurt or unloved, we often close our hearts which places conditions on love. When love is unconditional, our hearts are open and we find love in abundance. When we open our hearts to love we experience the gift of happiness and joy in our life’s journey.

Path of Forgiveness

We have all been hurt in our lives. Some of us have experienced being hurt over and over again. The pain only accumulates. The problem is how to let it go so the pain will go away. Hurt happens and learning how to forgive can set us free so we can live happier lives. By taking the path of forgiveness, we heal ourselves. There are times when we not always at our best and we make mistakes or hurt someone. We don’t always apologize or say I’m sorry. This is when we need to let go and forgive. Holding on to the hurt only hurts ourselves. Try the path of forgiveness and let go.

Path of Prayer

Prayer is important no matter what religion we are or not. As spiritual beings we are all connected and connected to our universal source known as God. When we pray, we strengthen this connection. Prayer is our time for talking to God and asking whatever is on our minds — questions, requests, solutions to problems — whatever we need. To pray is to have hope. Don’t be afraid to cry out in prayer. Through the path of prayer, our hearts and souls will rejoice and be healed.

Path of Meditation

Through the path of meditation we can reach a much higher state of utmost concentration and focus. We don’t have to be religious to meditate. Meditation is a way to quiet the mind and bring a greater sense of peace throughout the body. Meditation can also be the time when we listen and connect to God. Meditation is great for stress reduction and improved energy levels. Those who practice consistently often experience greater levels of self-esteem and overall wellbeing taking their health and happiness to a new plane.

Path of Positivity

The path of positivity takes us to a life focusing on where we are going versus the challenges we encounter along the way. Our future looks brighter living a life of positivity. Having purpose gives us the enthusiasm we need for living in the present and being prepared for what lies ahead. Positivity gives us a head start to successfully reaching our goals. Being positive means living in the now and appreciating all the blessings. Maintaining positivity requires courage, gratitude, insight and faith.

Path of Kindness

The path of kindness starts in our homes. Showing respect for our family members should be our first priority but we often take them for granted. Our path to higher energy and new awareness will come easily when we are mindful of our actions toward other people. This includes being mindful of the kindness we project to ourselves. Being truly honest in how we respond to people is the path of high energy.

Path of Mindfulness

Following the path of mindfulness is to be aware of being in the now and present. Being fully conscious of our day-to-day living and being engaged in every moment can help us grow on our life’s journey. The path of mindfulness involves being committed to living healthy and being aware of the food we ingest, the air we breathe, and how we interact with nature. Mindfulness is about living from the heart with love and peace.

Path of Journaling

The path of journaling can help us to heal, understand, and love unconditionally. Taking time in the evening to unwind with journaling, can enhance our dreams, emotions, relationships, and talent. Journaling with full intention can awaken our soul and bring us to higher levels of consciousness. More benefits of journaling are:

  • Reduces stress and releases emotions
  • Promotes healing and balances and strengthens sense of self
  • Reveals our true self and builds confidence
  • Teaches us to write and captures our personal story
  • Enhances intuition and interprets dreams and symbols
  • Enhances creativity and reveals the writer in us
  • Creates personal growth and freedom

Path of Volunteering

The upward shift in our energy is incredible when we do something for someone else whether we know them or not. We also increase the recipients energy too. Volunteers give of themselves through their heart and ask for nothing in return. Corporations around the world have started volunteer programs for employees to get involved. Studies show that there is an increase not only in employee morale but the returns to the company can be vast. The path to volunteering can also be healing. The heart feels compassion and sends the message out to the body, mind, and spirit.

Path of Visualization

If there is something we want to happen in our lives, we can take the path of visualization. As we visualize this image in our minds and focus strictly on that image, we increase our desire to achieve it and gain the self-belief that we can do it. When we take the path of visualization, we see ourselves reaching a goal. This creates motivation and builds self-confidence and self-esteem. If we want financial success, improved relationships, a promotion in our jobs, or whatever the goal, take 10-15 minutes at least 2 to 3 times a week visualizing the goal.

Path of Generosity

Path to generosity is helping those who are less fortunate as we are. This is a compassionate and loving way to increase our energy. There are many ways to be generous. It doesn’t always mean that money is needed, although there are many worthy causes that need money. Being generous with our time, talents, and giving donations of clothing, furniture, and household items are examples of giving generously. Doing things for people anonymously is another great way to increase our energy and guide us on the path to new awareness.

Path of Appreciation

Being grateful for our lives is a powerful way to open our hearts. Our appreciation for the good and bad experiences in our lives helps us to grow because these are the lessons we asked for in this lifetime. If we don’t make mistakes how can we learn and grow? Appreciating all that is in our lives sends a powerful message to God and the universe that our hearts are open for whatever challenges or rewards await us. The path of appreciation is transformational.

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