Open to Change

"As you move through the passages of life, be open to change as it takes you in a new and exciting direction."

- April Joy Manger

We reinvent ourselves by letting go of old habits and moving forward in new and innovative ways. This reminds me of the popular proverb, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” For me this means staying active and working on self-development. Thus, we avoid stagnation and are never short of new and creative ideas.

The universe is constantly expanding and evolving; therefore, learning to be adaptable and growing our knowledge are essential to keeping up with the changes in our lives. Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and press forward. I say this because my life has changed so much in the past several years, and yet I am grateful for these changes.

The transition has been significant and meaningful, and I remain open to creating new habits, discovering new opportunities, and whatever life presents. My primary focus is on creating experiences that are loving, peaceful, and filled with adventure and spiritual growth. 

To experience beauty and peace in life, it’s important to keep our hearts open, trust and have faith, and like a rolling stone, keep moving. . .

Tips and practices for adapting and growing with the constant flow of change: 

• Get the facts, understand why the change is happening 

• Get support from friends and family 

• Work with a life coach 

• Give yourself time to work through the process 

• Stay grounded. Get outside and marvel at nature 

• Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day 

• Take care of yourself 

• Get enough sleep (7-8 hours) 

• Be grateful 

• Don’t worry 

• Practice mindfulness, yoga, or meditation 

• Take time to pray, journal, and laugh 

• Eat healthy and exercise 

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