Love is the Way

From April's published books


Love is all there is
All else is an illusion
Of false creations
Distractions from what is real
To body, mind, and spirit

Moves into the light
Like a free form of liquid
Reaching towards the end
While spreading out like a web

Absorb the power
Sunlight streaming towards the soul
Ignites inner strength
Until it replenishes
The love of a broken heart

The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Peace through Haiku

Where Are You?

Where are you, my love?
Are you off in the sunset?
Let me come to you

All We Need

How love sustains us
There is nothing else to be
Love is all we need

Love is the Way

Love is the answer
There is no doubt about it
Try it and find out

Strong Emotions

What is this madness?
Emotions like a monsoon
Peace after the storm

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