Living in the Moment

Life lessons come in many forms and unexpected ways.

The following is a true story of how my young grandson innocently gave me a lesson on living in the moment.

I will always hold this momentous afternoon in my heart. 

It was a late afternoon when I was taking my twin granddaughters back home after spending the day with me. The sun was shining when we left my home; however, in the San Francisco Bay Area if you drive ten miles in any direction, there can be extreme weather changes, called micro-climates.

My three-year-old grandson and his mother were already home. I was dressed for warmer weather, so when we reached their home, it was approximately 10-12 degrees cooler. The fog had started to drift in, yet my very highly active and precocious grandson wanted to play outside. 

My grandson said, “Nonni, let’s go outside and play.” “Okay, but only for a short time. It’s getting cold,” I answered.

As we entered the backyard, he suddenly said, “Nonni, can you hear the choo- choo train?” I stopped and listened. After a few seconds I could hear the train, which was about three miles from their home. 

Then he said, “Nonni, can you hear the birds singing?” Again, I stopped and listened. “Yes! I can hear the birds singing. How beautiful,” I replied.

I was beginning to understand what was happening.

Next my grandson said, “Look Nonni! Do you see the feather hanging from the tree?” I got under the tree and looked up. I saw a leaf shaped like a feather dangling from a tree branch by a spider’s web. It looked very much like a feather flowing in the wind. 

I stood there in awe of my grandson’s enthusiasm. If he hadn’t pointed out all of these things, sadly I would have missed them.

What he did that day was so impactful and emotional for me. Now I stop, listen, and observe what’s around me while remembering this remarkable lesson from my grandson.

Life can get hectic. We lose sense of the moment by worrying about what happened or what may happen. 

Somehow my grandson knew I needed this, which I find amazing. My grandson has an incredible imagination and is quite intuitive. He is sensitive, generous, and loving. I hope he never changes and continues to show us how to live in the moment.

Our universe guides us in so many miraculous ways.

All we need to do is listen and follow our hearts.

Listen to my grandson, who is now eight years old, read aloud

The Missing Caterpillar on my YouTube channel. 

(Click the book to connect)

2 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. Thank you for this beautiful true story April. For as long as we, the adults, continue to listen to, to believe and to encourage our children in what they see, hear, smell, touch, taste and believe in, they will carry that precious child into adulthood.

    All the insights of a child can be lost when a parent, a teacher, or a schoolmate throws his garbage to the child who is sensitive to all the beauty that surrounds us. It is important to tell our children that their story is precious and unique and that the stories of others, well that’s their story.

    Love receiving your emails, your stories and the precious, precious images that go with each message.

  2. This is a lesson for all of us. We get so busy with our lives that rarely if ever we stop and look and listen to our surroundings. Thank you for the lesson.

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