Is Anyone Ever Really Gone?

The night before my beloved dog passed away, I knew it was time to let him go peacefully. That night he slept on my chest — we were two hearts beating as one.

The next day I called my son and asked if he could drive us to the veterinarian’s office. He said, “Yes,” and came over immediately.

In a way it was full circle, just as my son and I were together the day we brought our dog home for the first time, now we were with him as he transitioned to his new home in the spirit world.

There was something very special about my dog. At times I felt he had the spirit of a lion, and other times the essence of a horse and even an elephant. Surely, I knew him before — perhaps he was my horse in a past life.

One evening a few days after his passing, I had gone to bed and had just turned out the light when suddenly I felt something jump onto the bed and walk up to me. 

In my heart I knew it was my dog. He had come back to tell me that he was well and happy.

Later that month I went to hear Roberta Grimes speak at a local bookstore. Roberta has studied the science of afterlife for over 50 years and has written several books on the subject.

I shared my experience with her, and she confirmed that what happened was absolutely possible.

Bogie continues to visit me in my dreams and occasionally jumps up on the bed. I know he is in a place of love and peace. Love is endless.

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