Intention to Love (Part 4)

See Love

When we focus on love, life's distractions fade.

Change your vision to love and experience joy.

When I began writing haiku poetry, my goal was to become more creative. As I tap into the present moment, a new vision of the world gradually appears around me – inspiring me to see beyond. My favorite place to write is my living room which has a large picture window with a peaceful and inspiring view.

The first thing I see when looking out the window are two beautiful weeping willow trees. Taking a closer look, long dangling branches gently sway in the breeze. 

After I sit down and get comfortable, beauty begins to surface that I would have otherwise missed without taking time to breathe and relax.

The longer I sit and observe, my connection to nature and anything that is within my vision becomes stronger. I sense the energy of the wind between and around the tree branches and leaves, and over and under the wings of the birds. 

My window view gives me a front-row seat to magnificent sunsets with rays of love streaming through the window to my soul. A renewed connection to the environment around me emerges and love is the resounding frequency.

Love has become my focus, and all that I see is love, even the sounds of a passing car or an airplane moving across the sky in my peripheral vision.

Seeing love in everything may just be one of the secrets to living a happier and more peaceful life.

Daily practice of positive intentions to “see love” can navigate our life’s journey toward:

  • Unconditional love
  • Seeing beauty in everything
  • Universal oneness

If daily intentions resonate with you, create your own positive statements, and write them down, or use mine for “see love” listed here:  

  1. See the love you are
  2. Nurture a garden
  3. Marvel at nature
  4. See the beauty in everything
  5. See the love in everyone

Setting and Practicing Intentions:

  • Intentions are a navigational tool to help us stay grounded while guiding us to our ultimate purpose or goal.
  • Take time to reflect and meditate on what your intentions are, then write them down. Make your intentions positive statements.
  • Thinking of your intention(s) daily for a set amount of time creates a strong energetic blueprint in your consciousness.
  • This blueprint, which is uniquely and emotionally you, will result in creating the reality you desire.

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