Intention to Love (Part 3)

Be Love

Love gives us courage
to be who we are, which is love.

It is one thing to know the feeling of love, but the true gift is understanding that you are love. Love is the essence of the universe that connects us all.

One way to visualize this love is to think of the universe as an endless body of water, much greater than we could ever imagine. 

This enormous body of water is an ocean of love. All that exists in it moves and thrives in this abundance of love. We are all one in this ocean.

When we become aware that we are the essence of eternal love, we experience harmony and serenity no matter what challenges we are facing. 

Daily practice of positive intentions to “be love” can navigate our life’s journey toward:

  • Simplicity
  • Happiness
  • Love

Love gives us courage to be who we are, which is love.

If intentions resonate with you, create your own positive statements, and write them down, or use my intentions for “be love” listed below: 

  1. Write love notes to: Yourself, Child, Spouse, God
  2. Write a poem
  3. Breathe love
  4. Connect with nature
  5. Help someone in need

Setting and Practicing Intentions:

  • Intentions are a navigational tool to help us stay grounded while guiding us to our ultimate purpose or goal.
  • Take time to reflect and meditate on what your intentions are, then write them down. Make your intentions positive statements.
  • Thinking of your intention(s) daily for a set amount of time creates a strong energetic blueprint in your consciousness.
  • This blueprint, which is uniquely and emotionally you, will result in creating the reality you desire.

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