Intention to Love (Part 2)

Speak Love

When we speak from our hearts, life becomes a love story.

Love Story, a box office hit and popular romantic drama film in 1970, affected many with its emotional tagline and tragic ending.

As I reflect on the popular tagline of the movie, which was “love means never having to say you’re sorry,” I realize that it doesn’t make sense. Love has everything to do with saying you’re sorry.

When we speak with love, there is a greater possibility of changing the outcome of an unfortunate situation. Saying, “you’re sorry” doesn’t mean you are wrong, and they are right, it means you’re sorry that it ever happened.

Saying you’re sorry is an act of love and compassion. Saying you’re sorry can change a hurtful situation into a healing one.

When something happens that needs “I’m sorry” said, and it isn’t, the outcome of the situation can deteriorate. With a simple heartfelt “I’m sorry,” we are comforted – allowing us to let go and move forward.

Life becomes easier and brighter when we speak from our hearts.

If you missed an opportunity to say, “I’m sorry,” don’t follow the tagline phrase from the movie. Instead follow your heart, because love means it’s never too late to say, “I’m sorry.”

Daily practice of positive intentions to “speak love” can navigate our life’s journey toward:

  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude 

If daily intentions resonate with you, create your own positive statements, and write them down. Here are my intentions for “speak love.” 

  1. Tell yourself that you are love, loved, and loveable
  2. Talk, read, and sing to (or with) a child
  3. Express gratitude
  4. Compliment someone
  5. Speak mindfully

Setting and Practicing Intentions:

  • Intentions are a navigational tool to help us stay grounded while guiding us to our ultimate purpose or goal.
  • Take time to reflect and meditate on what your intentions are, then write them down. Make your intentions positive statements.
  • Thinking of your intention(s) daily for a set amount of time creates a strong energetic blueprint in your consciousness.
  • This blueprint, which is uniquely and emotionally you, will result in creating the reality you desire.

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