Intention to Love (Part 1)

Living with the intention to love is transformational to the body, mind, and spirit.

One week before Christmas in 2018, I had a once in a lifetime chance meeting with someone who would forever change my perspective on love. Love is more than a feeling, it is who we are, and the most powerful energy in the universe. 

Find out how a kind stranger transformed my perspective on love by reading the next four articles. Reading time is about eight minutes, while moments for reflection are timeless.

This life-changing experience inspired me to write the following four blog articles:

  • Intention to Love (Part 2): Speak Love
  • Intention to Love (Part 3): Be Love
  • Intention to Love (Part 4): See Love
  • Intention to Love (Part 5): Think Love

Daily practice of positive intentions can navigate our life’s journey toward:

  • A more meaningful and purposeful life
  • Greater inner balance and peace
  • A deeper connection with ourselves and our creator
  • Improved health, and much more

Setting and Practicing Intentions:

  • Intentions are a navigational tool to help us stay grounded while guiding us to our ultimate purpose or goal.
  • Take time to reflect and meditate on what your intentions are, then write them down. Make your intentions positive statements.
  • Thinking of your intention(s) daily for a set amount of time creates a strong energetic blueprint in your consciousness.
  • This blueprint, which is uniquely and emotionally you, will result in creating the reality you desire.

Here are five highlights from the Intention To Love articles: 

  • When we speak from our hearts, life becomes a love story.
  • Love gives us courage to be who we are, which is love.
  • Don’t let the distractions in life take your focus away from love.
  • Change your vision to love and experience joy and happiness.
  • Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. 

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