Heavenly Scents – Proof Love is Eternal

On the night before I drove to Lake Tahoe for my son’s wedding, I decided to write a letter to my father. My father had passed away 14 years prior, but I knew he would get my letter.

I had previously read that our guardian angels and dearly departed loved ones know our thoughts and can see any notes or letters we write to them.

My son and his grandfather had a very special bond. He would have been at his grandson’s wedding had he been alive. But I knew he would be there in spirit. 

In my letter, I simply told my dad that I loved him and that the family missed him dearly. I asked him to somehow let me know that he would be there. I also asked him to watch over me as I drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. 

As soon as I woke up the next morning, I started packing and getting my dog prepared for the long drive. While I was running around my apartment gathering things for the trip, I stopped suddenly because I smelled a familiar fragrance but not in a long time. 

It was my dad’s aftershave. This was his sign for telling me that he got my letter and he would be with me and my dog on our drive to Lake Tahoe for the wedding. I was elated! 

More recently my father again made his presence known. This time I smelled maple syrup. The scent was so strong that it seemed like it was dripping down the walls. I asked my grandson if he could smell it, and after sniffing around he told me he couldn’t. 

pancakes 900x563

It finally occurred to me that my dad wanted me to know that everything was going to be okay. We had been having severe winter storms with heavy rain and wind in the Bay Area. I get anxious driving in the rain because when I was in college, my car hydroplaned. 

Now he was letting me know that he would be my co-pilot while driving in the storm with my three young grandchildren. 

Two nights later when I got in bed, I looked over at the clock and saw that the time was 9:19PM. The significance being that my father died on September 19. After that the scent faded away.

Days later, I decided to ask one of my younger sisters what maple syrup meant to her. She immediately replied, “Why dad, of course!” On Sunday mornings our dad would make pancakes for the family and had maple syrup warming up on the stove. 

Then I told her my story. She tearfully replied, “At times I smell maple syrup in my home too.” 

My siblings and I have all experienced moments when we sense our father’s presence especially when we are traveling. 

As you may know from reading my blog articles, my father was a U.S. Navy aviator. He skillfully and courageously flew on and off aircraft carriers in three wars – WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. 

It makes perfect sense that he is with us when we travel whether it’s on land, sea, or air. It is comforting to know he is watching over us – proof love is eternal. 

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