Heaven Sent Easter Blessings

On Easter Sunday several years ago, my youngest sister was visiting our mother in Florida.

As they were sitting in the living room watching television that evening, suddenly the only lamp that was on began glowing brighter and brighter until the entire room was completely surrounded with a warm blissful radiance.

They tenderly looked at each other and from their hearts immediately knew that it had to be our brother, who passed away in 2012, sending them Easter blessings. What a beautiful experience on such a blessed day confirming that love is eternal. 

Our dearly departed loved ones and angels always find a way to get a message of love to us whether it’s in the form of coins, numbers, music, feathers, clouds, scents, electricity, rainbows, animals, and more.

When I need reassurance that I am on the right path, unexpectedly a feather appears before me.  For example, one day as I was walking with a dear friend, I told her that I needed a safer car to drive with my three grandchildren. My two-door convertible was not an ideal car; besides three car seats would never fit in the back seat. 

All of a sudden, in plain sight on the ground before us was a large feather. The message, of course, was that everything would work out and not to worry.

As it turned out, shortly afterwards, my youngest sister decided to buy a new car and offered her AWD crossover SUV to me for a fair price. Feathers are such a beautiful affirming message from heaven.

I have had countless times when a feather was left for me, letting me know that everything would work out. You too can receive messages from beyond. All you need to do is believe and have faith. The messages have always been there – now you will start recognizing them.  

You are the essence of divine love, affirm this often and your life will never be the same. 

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