Gratitude From the Heart

When gratefulness is practiced and experienced, we begin to understand the benefits it has toward our life's journey.

Being truly thankful and saying it to others, no matter how small, can mean a great deal to someone. We may not know how someone will receive a thank you, but it can mean a lot. It might even make their day, week, month, or affect how they relate to others.

I love hearing, “Thank you Nonni” from my grandchildren. It is heartwarming and sincere.  I know it is sincere because I feel love coming from their hearts. I return my love by making sure I thank them too. For example, thanking them for picking up their toys and asking for things politely. Learning to say thank you from our hearts at an early age is key to children’s developmental growth socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Being truly grateful for life is when we recognize how the lessons and all that we have no matter how much or how little are all a part of our journey as a spiritual being. We are all having a human experience. When we take the time to evaluate our lives and feel gratitude from our hearts for all aspects of it, is when both our inner and outer worlds begin to transform into joy and peace.

Several years ago I read the book, A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik. It is a quick read and will easily change your perspective on the power of expressing gratitude. Thank you cards are a simple way to express gratefulness to customers, clients, friends, family and even a barista. Kralik decided to write a thank you card to the barista at the local coffee shop for always being cheerful and knowing exactly what he wanted to order. This thank you card meant a lot to the barista. Kralik kept a spreadsheet of all the thank you cards he wrote to track who he had written to and why. In less than a year’s time, Kralik’s life began to transform.  Relationships and work began to improve and his perspective on life changed too.

There are many ways to express gratitude. Journaling is one way to share your gratitude and writing thank you cards is another way to show others you truly appreciate them. Expressing gratitude in prayer is also a wonderfully powerful way to thank the universe and God for our life. 

I include gratitude in my journaling by writing down three to five things that I am grateful for in the moment of that day. Through gratitude journaling we can find the path to transformation. In a matter of time, life can evolve, grow, and prosper.

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