Finding Your Way

From April's published books

Photograph by Barbara Welch | Poem by April Joy Manger

Focus on the Light

Walking towards the light
Golden rays on the river
Drawing me back home

Focus on the light
To illuminate your path
A guiding beacon

Walking fearlessly
Into the darkness of the night
A light follows me

As the moon rises
Follow the river upstream
Meet your creator

Finding Inner Balance Poems and Images


Stalwart martial way
The path of the samurai
Skilled in cold and heat
Sturdy hands and feet to crush
A mountain, river, or sea


The rocky mountain
Rises up for the challenge
Take every step with
Caution as the treacherous
Pathways lead to faithfulness


Spiraling vortex
Where another dimension
Exists free of strife
Only pure love exists there
Longing for eternal life

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