Finding Inner Light

From April's published book

Front cover watercolor by Kyla Watford. Interior design by Backspace Ink.

Come Along

Photograph by Lee Welch | Poem by April Joy Manger

Come along with me to the land of dreams
Where fairies fly and rainbows beam
Take a chance to fall in love

Come along with me into the deep blue sky
Where eagles soar higher than the giant
Take a chance to see glowing angels
and shooting stars

Come along with me to the bottom of the sea
Where mermaids live among sunken ships
Take a chance to find gold-filled treasure chests

Come along with me into the sunset
Where we will follow the golden light
to another world
Take a chance to live with me for eternity

Waterfall of Loving Energy

Photograph by Mary Pike | Poem by April Joy Manger

I come from above

My energy flows to replenish the earth

Purifying the ground and living souls

I spread knowledge, compassion and love

Empowering and bringing dignity to ALL

I do not discriminate as we are ALL one

Branching out, my energy reaches far and wide

I seek hardened surfaces of land and flesh

My spirit is awe-inspiring

It recreates and humbly stirs awakenings

I share this with ALL

I am the waterfall of loving energy

Here Now

Photograph by Lee Welch | Poem by April Joy Manger

Your life isn't over, be who you're meant to be
Life isn't always fair, but one thing is sure:
Love is everywhere

Take time to breathe and look around
Feel the breeze and smell the flowers
Be surprised at what you see

Listen to your inner voice: "Surrender you must"
There's nothing to fear, be courageous and grateful
And, for each and every moment, be here

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