DREAM a Mindful World (Part 1)

During this monumental time in the history of our planet and all its inhabitants, it is important that we focus on the body, mind and spirit, not only for ourselves but for others.

I would like to share some thoughts and ideas for you and your loved ones as we move through these unprecedented times in mindful and positive ways.

Be mindful of your body, mind and spirit

Upon waking in the morning, savor every aspect of it. Did you get a peaceful and good night’s sleep? Take time to enjoy your breakfast while eating and drinking the nourishing food that will support and sustain you through the next few hours. Being mindful is also the feeling of gratitude for the source of where the food came from and the preparation it took to have on your table.

Focus on loved ones

Do your loved ones have what is needed to get them through the day with calmness and security? Be sure to reach out to loved ones who you may not see or talk to on a regular basis.

Listen to the sounds around you

What is the earth telling you? What is your body, mind and spirit telling you? Are you prepared to go throughout the day being the best person you can be today?

Maintain a strong immune system

Are you doing everything possible to maintain a strong immune system during this time of uncertainty and challenges?

Please DREAM for better times ahead for everyone; dream of peace and wellness for all; dream of a beautiful place on this planet. Dream whatever your heart desires.

We are all in this together.

Stay strong and be safe.

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