Discovering Spirit Animals (Part 3)

"Lots of people talk to animals...Not very many listen, though...That's the problem."

- Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Do you feel the calling of the animal spirits. I have helped many friends discover their spirit animals. I get so much pleasure working with people to reunite them with their spirit animals. According to Ted Andrews, author of “Animal Speak,” animals choose us, we don’t choose them.

Prehistoric cave drawings illustrate that early man had strong connections with animals and nature. This is true for the Native American Indians and the shamanic and indigenous cultures around the globe. Spirits in the animal form can teach, guide, and empower us. They can also help us heal. In shamanic and indigenous cultures, the terms totem animals or power animals are used. Dr. Steven Farmer defines totem animal as having two meanings. First, a totem animal is typically one that is shared by a family, clan or group. In many indigenous cultures, the family you were born into will have a totem animal in common. The term power animal has its origins in shamanism.1

When I am presented with a dilemma, I often turn to spirit animals. Each animal has its own distinct characteristics; and, when we align ourselves with them, we can manifest their power and abilities. By aligning yourself with a fawn, for example, you use the power of gentleness, love, caring and healing to overcome your challenge.

When I feel lost to finding a solution to difficult situations, I often turn to Dr. Steven Farmers’ “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” for help. I hold the book close to my heart and asked for guidance from the spirit world of animals. Then I open the book and randomly turn to a page. In one situation, I turned to the lion. The lion’s message is to hold your head up high and keep your dignity, no matter what you are faced with; to listen closely and discern carefully before acting; and to follow your heart rather than what you think you should do.2 This was exactly what I needed. I was able to calm down and look at the situation from a different perspective.

Spirit animals can also appear during meditation to provide us with the answers we need. Knowing and believing that there is always a solution is key.

In one particular meditation, the beautiful face of a tiger appeared to me. Weeks later on my trip to Sedona, Arizona, I experienced the same vision of the tiger but in a drawing. Before heading out for a hike to one of the vortices, my friends and I stopped at a Starbucks where I met an artist who was finishing his drawing of a tiger’s face. His drawing looked exactly like the tiger I saw during my meditation. I took this to be a sign from the spirit world.

The tiger’s message is to remain focused and be patient; and, get ready for a new adventure, one with some challenges, but will introduce dramatic changes in your life.3

That’s a powerful message and very true for my life changed dramatically after the trip to Sedona and continues to evolve. 

I’m very excited about what the future will unfold!

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