Discovering Spirit Animals (Part 2)

"Just as our ancestors and indigenous peoples knew, when animals come to you in an unusual way or repeatedly, whether in physical or symbolic form, they are serving as spirit guides attempting to get a message to you."

- Dr. Steven Farmer

You don’t need to be an animal lover to have access to the power of spirit animals. When we connect with spirit animals, their power can help us overcome any challenge. Animals, whether in the physical or spirit world, are here to help us with our life lessons.

Knowing which spirit animals can help us, empowers us on our journey on earth. Here are some key ways to discover our spirit animals.

Spirit animals can come to us as gifts. 

Perhaps a friend has given you a gift and it’s a bee’s wax candle in the shape of a bear or a necklace with a horse pendent. One of my very first gifts was a brooch that was an elephant with rhinestones. The brooch was given to me when I was four years old. I have cherished this brooch all my life. As you already know from my previous article, the elephant is one of my animal spirit guides. The elephant is symbolic as being the remover of obstacles. Elephants are powerful yet nurturing.

Spirit animals can appear in our dreams.

When we pay attention to our dreams, spirit animals can appear. Their appearance in our dreams can provide insights into ourselves.

Spirit animals can appear to us when we are traveling.

One of my spirit animals is the bald eagle and on a trip to Sedona, Arizona, the bald eagle appeared to me in a painting in a restaurant. This was a message to soar high and observe the roads for ice. I took heed and drove cautiously which prevented an accident.

Spirit animals can appear to us in the physical plane.

A close friend of mine saw a fox pass by her sliding glass door several times one afternoon. This was the first and last time the fox appeared to her. The fox represents the ability to blend into your surroundings, to be decisive and swift in thought and action, and to trust your intuition. Perhaps the fox was there to remind my friend to see the art of Oneness through the understanding of camouflage and approach each day with stealth.

Spirit animals can appear to us in books.

I use Dr. Steven Farmer’s “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals.” One day when my grandson was visiting me for the day, I handed him the book and asked him to close his eyes an open the book to any page. He opened the book to the page with a jaguar. I nearly fell over because his favorite stuffed animal is a small jaguar which he calls “kitty.”Whenever I need help with a situation in which my nine spirit animals can’t help me with, I go to the book, close my eyes, and randomly pick a page. Whatever animal appears has the power to help me with my situation. For example, one day I chose the dolphin. The power of the dolphin can help with listening more and talking less, smiling more, taking time to breathe and exhale, and thinking and loving in a more positive manner. This was exactly what I needed at the time. It gives me a sense of peace and wellbeing knowing that spirit animals are always near to help when I need them.

Spirit animals can be present in our homes.

In the home of one of my friends, it is easy to identify her spirit animals. Anyone who walks into her home can feel their energy. In her kitchen she has brass frogs as bookends for her cookbooks and hanging on the wall is a framed watercolor painting of a crab. In her dining room there is a painting of a horse and you can find horse figurines throughout the house. Fish are also scattered throughout the house, revealing themselves in paintings, carvings, and porcelain figurines. There is a tranquil pond in the backyard filled with koi. She has a blue heron statue by the pond and recently a live blue heron flew in and stayed a few days. There is also a bull frog that lives near the pond which she has named Matilda. She has two dogs and a sun conure (bird). My friend is a beautiful spirit being with a loving connection to animals and nature.

Spirit animals can come to us in medicine cards.

If you are interested in learning more about spirit animals, I recommend purchasing the Medicine Cards (and book) by Jamie Sams and David Carson. A whole new world will open up to you. If you are already an animal lover, you will gain a deeper understanding of the role animals play during our earth journey.

Honoring our spirit animals is a great way to show our appreciation for all that they have contributed in our lives. There are many ways we can show our appreciation such as:

  • Donate our time, energy or money to animal rights and conservation organizations
  • Give thanks and gratitude to our spirit animals through prayers
  • Become a vegetarian or a vegan.

All kind intentions will be felt in the spirit world with gratitude and love. There are many websites that describe the power of spirit animals. 

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