Discovering Spirit Animals (Part 1)

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."

- Martin Buber

When animals started coming to me in my dreams, I became interested in knowing their meaning which led me to discovering spirit animals (A.K.A. totem or power animals). The first animal that came to me in a dream was a sea turtle. After waking up from the dream, I went to the Internet and found Medicine Cards, a combination of a book and animal cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. I convinced a friend to go with me to hear a lecture at the East West Bookstore in Mountain View. I found and purchased the book with the cards at the bookstore. While we were waiting for the lecture to start, a couple of ladies sitting behind us mentioned that they had the cards and said they were excellent. They used them so much that they had to buy another set.

After the lecture my friend and I went to have a light meal at a nearby restaurant. She asked if we could pull a card. I didn’t have time to read how to use the cards but intuitively laid the cards out and pull the card that felt right. I went first and held my right hand above the cards and scanned the cards until I felt the right energy. Surprisingly, I pulled the turtle card. I opened the book and the information on the turtle was on page 77. I nearly fell out of my chair and so did she, knowing that 77 is always showing up for me and that the turtle had appeared in my dream.

After a few days, I had time to read the book and learn how to use the animal cards. It was pretty easy, so I decided to find out which animal spirits were mine. According to the book, we each have nine spirit animals. The instructions were that you would be guided to the cards of seven spirit animals. These seven represented the West, East, South, North, Above, Within and Below. The other two spirit animals are on your left and right side. My intuition told me that a whale is on my left and an elephant is on my right.

I was amazed at the animals that guided me to their cards, because they represent the same lessons I’ve learned throughout my lifetime. I could immediately relate to them. See the chart below for my spirit animals.

WestBlue HeronSelf-reflection
BelowRaccoonGenerous Protector
Left sideWhaleIntuition
Right sideElephantStrength


It only made sense that the dog would be my within spirit animal because of my love and strong connection with my dogs. Dogs represent loyalty. I have always tried to be loyal to my family, friends, work, and my values and beliefs.

I was surprised about having the mouse as one of my spirit animals, but this little creature helped me tremendously in my role as a project manager.  Right before a project team meeting, I would channel the power of the mouse to help me with being an active listener and know when to ask questions. 

The elephant is a very strong spirit animal in my life. The elephant represents strength and the remover of obstacles. Elephants are also nurturing and sensitive. In my home elephants are subtly placed in every room. Strangely, I would receive elephant gifts from friends who didn’t know my connection, or did they?  

I have had countless encounters and messages from spirit animals and so can you. Which animals or animal characteristics do you relate with the most?

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