Daily Intention to be Mindful

"A simple daily intention to be mindful sets the course for great things to happen."

- April Joy Manger

Mindfulness has been around for as long as mankind has been on Earth.

Being mindful is something we can practice anywhere and every day – at home, in our communities, and even at work.

What exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is choosing to live in the present moment. It starts with our thoughts and extends to our words and actions. It’s choosing to think, say and do things in a loving and conscious way that expresses love and compassion to others and ourselves.

When we choose to live from our heart, we will experience a richer, fuller life; filled with more joy and meaning. Being mindful doesn’t mean we become so focused on what we say and do to the exclusion of everything else.

It means we start living with greater joy and purpose because we are taking the time to be in the moment to fully hear, feel and see the joy and happiness in life that is happening around us.

Every moment is an opportunity to live mindfully. Integrating mindfulness into our daily lives takes practice.

Just like everything else in life that is important, to become proficient at mindfulness will take time, practice, and dedication, until it becomes second nature.

The flow of our daily activities will change when we choose to live mindfully.

Practicing mindfulness can help you in many aspects of your life. 

Living in the present brings out your inner joy for life which will radiate to those around you.

If you are ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, simply make your intention each morning when you wake up to listen, speak and act from your heart in the present moment.

“Today, I will intentionally be
mindful to live in the present.”

3 thoughts on “Daily Intention to be Mindful

  1. Apriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!

    Hope you are doing fine!
    Will you believe me if I say I read ‘The Miracle Of Mindfulness a month or so ago’?
    Your email served as a wonderful reminder to me today.
    You are an angel!

    Lots of love

  2. April, Thank you for another inspiring article! I appreciated your article of the importance of starting each day with an intention. A timely reminder 🙂

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