Courage to Change

Flow with courage through the ever-changing river of life...

The river of life has many obstacles – fast turns, sharp bends, and hard falls.

These obstacles steer us in new directions and create change.

By embracing the attitude “I can do this,” the whole process of change has a much better chance of flowing smoothly. 

It takes courage to navigate the ever-changing flow of the river of life. Change can be scary, especially if we are content with the way things are.

Striving to maintain the attitude “I can do it,” can help guide us on a successful path. 

By visualizing how change is going to benefit you and perhaps even benefit others, you are taking a step toward being ready and motivated for change.

Strength and determination can help you change or do something you’ve never done before, and courage will set you free. 

Courage means taking risks. If you don’t take them, you will never know what you could have accomplished.

When we stop resisting change, we have a better chance at success.

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