Coping With Change

 “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.”

This popular 19th century English proverb refers to the changing weather in March. The lion represents the fierce winter storms that can blow in at the beginning of the month but then like a lamb, spring weather gently eases in towards the end of the month. 

Can you relate to this proverb when you have experienced change in your life? Change can be disruptive, fierce, and difficult just like stormy weather. Rain or shine change happens whether we like it or not.

Change can happen when we least expect it, or it can be intentional and well planned out. In either case, change can be difficult or easy. Overcoming the challenges created by change is one of the secrets to living a life with peace and harmony.

One way to get through change is to think of the proverb, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Know in your heart that change may be difficult at first, but just like a storm, this too shall pass. 

Trust and have faith that life will gradually become a spring-like day, which is joyful and pleasant.

Here are some practical tips for coping with change:

1. Acknowledging and accepting that change is part of life can help us cope

2. Resisting change only creates stress, tension, and unhappiness. 

3. Learning to embrace change can help us to manage the stress that comes
with it. 

4. Learning what we can and can’t control helps in dealing with the change. 

5. Getting through change with the feeling of gratitude can help bring joy and
happiness to our lives. 

6. Be open to change as it unfolds throughout your life journey. 

7. Accept and trust that each and every moment of life presents new
opportunities, then experience the wonders and joy of life. 

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