Change is Inevitable

Progress is impossible without change...

Every moment of our lives, whether we realize it or not, we are changing. The cells in our bodies are regenerating or dying but nonetheless changing.

Shifting our words, thoughts and actions in positive ways can make changes occur at higher vibrational frequencies.

Making the decision to change things in our lives can be a dramatic shift or it can be subtle.

At one point in my life, I sensed that I was straying from my true path. I decided to make some goals for my personal growth. However, as I changed so did my goals.

To my surprise, my heart guided me back to swimming. I began working out and competing in swimming events such as masters’ swimming meets, which even included a national event. Years later, I set my expectations high and successfully swam the San Francisco Bay Alcatraz Challenge, a 2-mile swim from Alcatraz Island to Crissy Field, and a treacherous with strong currents 2-mile trans-Golden Gate Bridge swim. 

Today, I’m still setting goals for myself. As a result, I have a new website, and I have published a collection of four poetry books and two children’s books. 

I’m currently working on another children’s book and a spiritual development ebook.

Change is inevitable – trust the process.

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