Celebrating Mothers

On Sunday, May 8th, we celebrate and honor our mothers. As we celebrate, we can also honor the one mother we share together – Mother Earth. Like our mothers, Mother Earth gives selflessly while providing life essential gifts. 

Here are some ways to honor our mothers and Mother Earth:

  • Write a poem
  • Plant flowers, seeds or a tree
  • Share time with your family and friends outdoors
  • Make a donation to your mother’s favorite charity 
  • Share memories of your mother, grandmother or someone who was like a mother to you

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I am giving my first book of poems, The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Peace through Haiku, to three of my email subscribers. Three names will be randomly drawn. If your name is drawn, you will be notified so the book can be mailed to you.

My first book of poems is dedicated to my mother:
Ruth B. Manger
Here are two articles inspired by my mother: 

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