Beyond the Garden Gate is Love

The garden is a living creation that represents life, and the gate is symbolic of the opportunities and possibilities presented to us on our life’s journey.

The garden gate is a state of mind where we can easily communicate with God and our loved ones on the other side and have beautiful, loving relationships on Earth. Our life challenges help us find the garden path to our hearts to strengthen our will to live and be the best version of ourselves through love, forgiveness, and compassion.

When a spiritually gifted friend of mine told me that he loved everyone, I thought, “That’s amazing! I only know of two others who walked on Earth who extended unconditional love to all humanity: Jesus and St. Teresa of Calcutta.”

When we live with love in our hearts—and in our thoughts, words, and actions—our life purpose shines forth, and everything we do flows with peace and understanding.

Jesus and St. Teresa are two of the greatest creators of love stories. Even though they had challenges to overcome, they were always guided by unconditional love. They radiated love, which was felt far and wide. They made sacrifices for humankind that created everlasting love stories.

When we open our hearts to all, we too are capable of radiating peace, love, and compassion—just as Jesus did over 2,000 years ago and as St. Teresa did in the 20th century.

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