Are You an Old Soul?

"It doesn't matter what world you live in, what really matters is the world that lives in you.”
– unknown

An old soul is someone who yearns for spiritual growth, cherishes time in nature, seeks wisdom and knowledge, trusts intuition, and understands the interconnectedness of the Universe.

Old souls have empathetic powers and are extremely sensitive to the energy of people, animals, and spirit that exist around them.

Old souls perceive life through a poetic and introspective lens.

They are often overly mature at an incredibly early age. They are not materialistic and focus on things that bring lasting enjoyment.

Old souls are amazingly comfortable at being alone because they know they are never actually alone.

Insights from an Old Soul

“Spirit never pushes us beyond our physical and emotional limits. 

They always orchestrate time to rest and much needed healing respites for us.

They also limit the flow so as not to ever overwhelm us because they love us so much and our health is always a priority with them.”

“For quite some time now, Spirit has advised me to fully get into the Flow, live in and savor the present moment, don’t dwell on past choices or regrets and don’t agonize over future possibilities.

My spirit guides tell me that moving forward in this positive manner will always open doors to bigger and better opportunities that I can’t possibly imagine myself, and I trust and believe them completely.

So, I consciously follow their model and allow myself to be at peace with whatever is happening in the moment without overthinking it and without analyzing what’s come before or what may come next.

For me, tomorrow is always a beautiful day full of amazing possibilities because I’ve surrendered and asked Spirit to lead the way.

What do we really have anyway except for this very moment?”

“Everything is connected” was probably a phrase first coined by an Old Soul.”

Aletheia Luna
Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World

4 thoughts on “Are You an Old Soul?

  1. Your blog posts bring me to a place of peace, a place of wisdom and a place where the child in me feels safe and happy.

    An old soul. I am.

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