Animal Poemagery - Poems and Images of Animals in the Air, on Land, and in the Sea - April Joy Manger

Animal Poemagery

Poems and Images of Animals in the Air, on Land, and in the Sea

As April created poems about animals for this book, she realized that they all have species on the endangered list. She did not think that horses would be on that list, yet there is a horse species that is.

Animals become extinct due to habitat destruction, diseases, poaching, overhunting, climate change, and pollution, and this situation is an environmental cry.

To stay aware of the ecological needs of our planet Earth, you can become a conservationist and an environmental ambassador.

Poems and Images of Animals in the Air, on Land, and in the Sea

A symbol of love 
Carrying a branch for peace 
Dressed in white feathers 
Signifying an angel 
For a journey into light 
The song of the dove 
Is sweetest at dawn and dusk 
Brings promise that all 
Life will be renewed for the 
Future of humanity
A heavenly sign 
A white feather floats downward 
Listen to the dove’s 
Peaceful song that takes away 
All worries and gives comfort  


An Inner Exploration to Find


There is so much for us to discover
about our surroundings.

All we need to do is tap into the present moment, take time to breathe slowly, letting your breath flow in and out of your body.

What animal is speaking to you? What is the message this animal wants to tell you?


Stay grounded to the earth.

Sit at the base of a tree with your back against its trunk.

Feel the beautiful energy of nature.

This is love.


Sense the energy of the vast ocean.

Feel the sand on your feet, hear the surf and smell the salt air.

Let the sun’s rays radiate into your soul.

Connect to your surroundings and feel the resounding frequency of love.

Inspiring poet and author.

When I began composing tanka poems for this book, I found it a little challenging because I too have had little exposure to animals in the wild. However, my writing technique allows me to tap into the present moment, connect with the animals, and visualize their natural habitats.

Almost immediately, I connect with the animal I am writing about and the energy of words flows through me. The longer I meditate on the animal, my connection to the essence of its spirit and surroundings becomes stronger.

“This fourth book of poetry
by April Manger is a triumph!"

Not only are the words and pictures exquisite and inspiring about some of the world’s best-loved animals (by children and adults alike), but there is also guidance in writing poetry.

Composing tanka poetry, the style you will read here, is at once energising and calming, creative and fulfilling. April also lucidly instructs in writing any poetry, with a technique both sensitive and sensual, which compels the writer to exist in the moment and thus gain equanimity.
April reminds the reader that the animals she writes about include species that are heading towards extinction because of human-made hazards ranging from over-exploitation to climate change.

She urges us to become conservationists or
environmental ambassadors.

But perhaps even more importantly in the long run is that April hopes her verses, rhythms, and images will inspire a sincere emotional connection with the animals represented.

Only then can humans be persuaded to treat the natural world thoughtfully and considerately, with respect and love.

This is what it will take to save our beautiful planet,
our only planet.

Lee Durrell
Corfu, May 2021